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Stay Cool: Harbin Ice Festival in China


Remember that ice sculpted goose at your junior prom that seemed to symbolize your hopes of getting to third base with your gorgeous date, the one who spent all night texting on her phone and chatting with her friends as you watched the goose’s head melt into the dull, shapeless object that you, too, felt like? No? Man, my junior prom sucked.

But anyway, ice geese are lame. If you want to see some real, legit ice sculpting, best to go to the Harbin Ice Festival in China.

The festival has been an annual event since 1985 and attracts ice sculptors from all over the world. Their creations follow a predetermined theme each year and are known to get pretty outlandish – the show has produced the Guinness record holder for largest ice sculpture, for instance.

Harbin is in Northeast China, which means it stays cool from the cold Siberian winds for most of the year. The festival typically opens up on January 5th and lasts a month, but some of the more grandiose structures stick around for longer. We’re sure there are probably some giant, half-melted ice castles slowly deteriorating there even now.

And the best part: it lights up! Check out these photos of the 2012 Harbin Ice Festival below, and head over to tegochu for more.



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