Tasty Tuesday: Happy National English Toffee Day Everybody!

Tasty Tuesday: Happy National English Toffee Day Everybody!


I’ve always felt that this day was under celebrated and never understood why, as it is clearly a most glorious day filled with delicious joy and sugary excellence.

english toffee

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Toffee is a confection of caramelized sugar or molasses and butter heated to around 300°F. English toffee is the same said confection but usually extra buttery and also including almonds. Oddly enough, English toffee is actually a US thing, if you go looking for it in the UK you are more likely to find regular toffee (not that there would be anything sad about that, it’s all scrumptious in my book). Different variations often also include chocolate or rum.

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There actually really is no solid explanation of where English toffee came from or why we claim it to be English, but instead quite a few theories. One has to do with the consistency of the treat, thoughts are maybe it was initially ‘toughy’ because it was tough to chew, and ended up evolving into toffee from a Southern British accent. Another theory is that it came from ‘tafia’ which is a West Indian rum that used to be used to flavor candies. It is also noted that in a native Creole language (though no one seems to remember which one) the word toffee means a mixture of molasses and sugar, so that could be pretty close. Who knew this yummy snack was so controversial?


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English toffee has become a popular add on to other desserts as well. For example Heath candy bars have an English toffee filling, and crushed English toffee is often used as an ice cream topping. It is also apparently possible to make English toffee cookies, and I’ve yet to try any of the drink versions but English toffee martini is definitely on the top of my list. But do any of these match up to the original on it’s own? There’s only one way to find out! We must try them all! Immediately! For this exciting day only comes but once a year!

P. S. English toffee can also be a great homemade gift, so while making your own make an extra batch to share the wonderful sweetness with a friend.

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What kind of English toffee will you make to celebrate National English Toffee Day?




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