10 Weird Facts about Disney World

10 Weird Facts about Disney World


Now that you’ve clicked this article; where are you going to go?

Disney World!

If you didn’t know, that’s the Disney World slogan and we’re treating you to some magical Disney World knowledge. There are some pretty weird facts about Disney World (and everything Disney related) out there, but today is Disney World’s birthday so we focused on this San Francisco-sized park.

Walt Disney World is one of the most complex theme parks on Earth and was first opened on October 1, 1971-back when admission was $3.50! This park located, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida invites children from all over the world to frolic in the magic that is the wonderful world of Disney.

Let’s get to some weird facts!

1. Winner, winner, turkey dinner!



Giant turkey drumsticks were first introduced at Disney World in the 90’s. They’ve been around ever since! So trendy and delicious.

2. Dude, where’s my stuff?

 disney world lost and found


More than 200 pairs of sunglasses are lost at Disney World every day. EVERY. DAY. Also in a year they collect 18,000 hats, 6,000 cell phones, and 3,500 digital cameras.

3. Club 33

 Club33 disney world


At 33 Royal Street there’s a secret members-only speakeasy. Cocktails are on Mickey!

4. Spot Mickey


[sarah by the sea]

There’s literally hundreds (thousands?) of hidden Mickey Mouse silhouettes in the park. Subliminal messaging to the max.

5. Litter Bug

 disney world trash


There’s literally nowhere that you can stand in the park where you will be more than 30 feet from a garbage can. Disney World was designed that way.

6. No Fly Zone

 disney world from air

[inside the magic]

After 9/11, Disney World got protected by a strict no-fly zone that extends 3 miles around Cinderella’s Castle.



[outpost usa]

Stands for Environmental Prototype Community of Tomorrow and it grows 30 tons of fruit and veggies every year.

8. Merry Christmas!



Every year Disney decorates 1,500 Christmas trees to celebrate the holidays. And I complain about decorating one.

9. Underground

 disney world tunnels


There’s a huge underground network of tunnels for staff use. Creepy.

10. .–.–…-.–

 disney world frotierland


The Morse Code outside of Frontierland is Walt Disney’s opening day speech for Disneyland. Spoooooky!

Do you know of any more Disney World secrets?



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