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Test Your Geography Knowledge With GeoGuessr


I was always very jealous of the kids who excelled in geography bees in elementary school, which really shows the extent of my childhood dorkiness. No matter how hard I tried (and believe me, I tried harder than I care to admit), I simply could not win a stupid plastic trophy with a globe on it denoting my superior geography knowledge. That’s why I’ve been playing GeoGuessr online for the past 45 minutes. Well, that’s why I started playing GeoGuessr – I’ve been playing for 45 minutes because it’s Friday and I’m physically incapable of doing any more real work.

Anyway, here’s the 411: GeoGuessr displays random Google Street View images without noting the location, then asks you to pinpoint on the full Google map where they were taken. Once you submit your guess, the program calculates the distance between your estimate and the correct spot, and you get a handful of points for your effort. After five rounds of this guessing you get a grand score (the higher the better) that you can share with your friends on social media to get them all riled up about the game too.

I may not have been the best geography bee contestant in my youth, but apparently my $250,000 college education was completely devoted to map reading because I f*ckin’ nailed GeoGuessr. Out of a total 1500 points, I averaged around the 1300 mark for an embarrassing number of rounds. That’s right, everyone: I’m really good at matching pictures of places to their points on a map. My mother will be so proud.

Take a stab at GeoGuessr yourself, and let us know how you do so I can rub your face in my undoubtedly higher scores while doing one of these:

suck it gif

There’s something wrong with me.



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