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The Spring Break 25, Round 3: Europe


Spring break – the one week of sunshine dedicated to the end of the winter hibernation and ringing in the gorgeous spring and summer months. Travelfreak knows that spring break is something to be taken seriously, since it presents an excellent and much-needed travel opportunity. To help with the bevy of choices, we’re rounding up 25 known and not-so-known destinations that can be found on 5 different parts of the planet. 

5 Best Spring Break Destinations in Europe

Island of Pag, Croatia



The Island of Pag is home to the Zcre Beach, which houses one of the biggest spring break blowouts in the world. It’s a big venue for international DJs, drunken boat parties, and naked European women. Its big boost in reputation promises that it won’t be a cheap excursion, but hey, partying your brains out never is.


Capri, Italy

capri italy

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If an island without oversexed Europeans is more your thing, check out the Isle of Capri. A popular honeymoon destination, Capri is noted for it’s breathtaking environment and luxurious beaches. It’s more popular as a resort escape in the summer months, but it’s still a good alternative for those looking for something quiet and wrapped up in Italian history.


Corfu, Greece

corfu greece beaches

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Corfu’s small town with very reasonable hotel rates while still offering high-taste tourism. It’s a lot like Capri without the whole “having to pay a mortgage afterwards” thing. Bike rentals are offered as an easy to visit all the beaches, or there’s option of yacht excursions. It’s a good start to tour the Western Greek Islands or as a route to Italy.


St. Moritz, Switzerland



For spring skiers. The Swiss Engadine provides one of the continent’s best slopes and the town’s built around ski culture. Since a swimsuit is in the suitcase of every spring breaker, St. Moritz provides hot springs to take a dip in.


Algarve, Portugal


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An historic coast city with a big nightlife scene. Algarve’s a good choice for those trying to strike a careful balance between cultural consumption and alcohol consumption. You can get your gambling on at the casinos, take shots on the beach, or throw down at a disco. And no, the discos don’t suck as much as you’d think they would.

Have a little more money to spend on your dream vacation? Come back tomorrow when we take you around the best spring break destinations throughout Africa!



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