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The Top 10 Happiest Cities in the World


Lately I’ve been having daydreams about how lovely it would be to get hit by a bus. Don’t worry – this is a pretty common occurrence during the harsh New York City winter. Summer in the city isn’t all that much better either, especially when you’re hovering just above the poverty line and can’t afford air conditioning to combat the crushing swamp heat.

Wait… why do I live here again?

Based on my rather harsh feelings and the pained scowls on the faces of every NYC pedestrian I passed on my way to work this morning, it’s no wonder that Gotham didn’t make the list of the ten happiest cities in the world. In fact, only one US city made the cut and it’s not even in the top five. Poor San Francisco – always the mildly content bridesmaid, never the ecstatically beaming bride.

Check out which other cities scored highest in worldwide public sentiment below, and try to keep your chin up wherever you are.

FYI: the number of attractions in each city held no baring on the rankings, they’re just there to show you how wonderful your time spent in these happy places could be.¬†Although, we have to wonder if the high number of “coffee shops” in Amsterdam had an effect on how happy the residents seemed while being polled.



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