Things We Love: Flight001 Travel Accessories

Things We Love: Flight001 Travel Accessories


I have a confession to make: I am not very chic traveler. While I’ve always dreamed of being one those fashionable people you see strutting through airports with supple leather hand luggage and obviously expensive “I can’t look at you, I’m too important” sunglasses, I usually resort to the late-to-the-gate crack scramble carrying my tattered high school backpack while wearing my $5 “Don’t look at me, I’m so hungover” shades. I’m trying to clean up my act, however, and plan on doing so with a carefully curated collection of Flight001 travel accessories.

If you’ve never heard of Flight001 (pronounced “flight one”), don’t worry – neither had I a few weeks ago. That changed when I stumbled into their New York storefront after a very successful (read: drunk) brunch in the West Village and discovered a treasure trove of covetable travel goodies ranging from Lipault luggage to Crumpled City Maps. But despite the wide selection of brands, I was most impressed by the Flight001 original products.

The line perfectly mixes the idea of the aforementioned chic jetsetter with the grungy realities of the actual travel process by slapping bright colors and slick lines on accessories meant to streamline the arduous tasks of packing and flying. And, most importantly, with a range of tongue-in-cheek slogans and images printed across them, all of the Flight001 products remind you that traveling is meant to be fun.

I could talk more about these awesome items, but I figure it’s better to just show you. So, in no particular order of importance, these are my three favorite Flight001 travel accessories. Feel free to buy them all for me:

F1 Go Clean Set

flight001 travel accessories go clean set

No matter how savvy the traveler, at some point or another everyone has haphazardly tossed their clothes into a bag only to arrive at their destination and discover shoe marks all over their nice white shirt. That’s what Flight001’s Go Clean set of heavyweight nylon garment bags work to avoid. With clearly marked sacks for everything from your dirty laundry to your clean underwear, there’s no longer an excuse for letting your sweaty gym shorts fester next to your freshly laundered silky unmentionables.

F1 Spacepack Toiletry Bag

flight001 travel accessories spacepack toiletries


Normally I just cram all of my toiletries into a grocery bag I’ve dug out from underneath my sink and tie the handles together to make something akin to a hobo satchel, minus the shoulder stick. While this is a highly economical method, it’s not always worth the disgusted stares from TSA agents and assorted travel companions. As an added bonus to preserving your dignity, Flight001’s space saving pack even has enough organizational power to help you slip around the TSA’s size requirements for bags and out of a hefty checked luggage fee. Ah, doesn’t it feel good to cheat the system?

F1 Flyin’ Drunk Tag

flight001 travel accessories flying drunk tag


Because I’m just trying to be honest.

Flight001 has brick-and-mortar stores around the US in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chicago, San Francisco, Berkeley, and LA, as well as outposts around the world in places like Singapore and Jakarta. If you’re like me and never physically shop unless you’re toasted after boozy meal, their full line of products is also available for purchase through their website.



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