Pic of the Day 1/29: Guess The Carcass in Patagonia

Pic of the Day 1/29: Guess The Carcass in Patagonia


Hello from Patagonia! If you’ve noticed our absence on social media over the past few days, blame it on the fact that wifi is hard to come by in the icy fjords of southern Chile.

We just finished a 9 hour tour of the Torres del Paine National Park (the park to visit when in Patagonia, we were told) so we’re exhausted as hell. Thus, this picture post is going to be short and sweet. Of course we’ll be writing up a full review of the park in the coming days, but for now all we can think about is hopping into a hot shower and subsequently drinking 3 bottles of wine.

Our photos from the park are all too impressive to present with minimal commentary, however, so instead we’ll show you an interesting find we came across while exploring the steppe:

guanaco llama torres del paine chile

Can anyone guess which species of animal carcass this rotting hoof came from? Here are a few hints:

  • They are members of the llama family and have decidedly camel-looking faces.
  • They are native only to the arid mountain regions in western South America.
  • I ate part of one for dinner last night, and it was delicious.

Also, if you’re wondering how this morsel wound up stranded by its lonesome on the side of a hill, it was probably the doing of one of the many mountain lions that live inside Torres del Paine

Leave your guesses in the comments and stay tuned for our full review of the park for the answer!



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