#Travel Tag Roundup 2/15: Corsica, France + Intercourse, PA

#Travel Tag Roundup 2/15: Corsica, France + Intercourse, PA


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Location: Corsica, France
Instagram User: elli49

via @TravelEditor - We consider ourselves not-so-traditional romantics, so if we have significant others next Valentine’s Day we’re definitely taking them to Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

via @themanvsworld - We usually only hear great things about Hong Kong, so reading about why someone hates it is refreshing. Seriously, we love nothing more than a negative spin on something that everyone is a little too cheery about.

via @RunawayJuno - Living in the area of New York that is best described as Little Poland, we have a soft spot in our hearts for the old country. Read up on the best of Poland and feel our infatuation.

via @elatlboy - 10 years ago we were just barely getting enough facial hair to start shaving, so it’s interesting to learn about how travel has changed in the last decade.



  1. Cheers, mate! Just trying to challenge people’s preconceived notions of Hong Kong – and I like to be a little controversial from time to time ;-)

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