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#Travel Tag Roundup 2/15: Corsica, France + Intercourse, PA


#Travel Tags is a new series on Travel Freak in which we delve into all the posts on Instagram and Twitter marked with the #travel tag and republish our favorite photos and links for your viewing/reading pleasure.

Location: Corsica, France
Instagram User: elli49

via @TravelEditor - We consider ourselves not-so-traditional romantics, so if we have significant others next Valentine’s Day we’re definitely taking them to Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

via @themanvsworld - We usually only hear great things about Hong Kong, so reading about why someone hates it is refreshing. Seriously, we love nothing more than a negative spin on something that everyone is a little too cheery about.

via @RunawayJuno - Living in the area of New York that is best described as Little Poland, we have a soft spot in our hearts for the old country. Read up on the best of Poland and feel our infatuation.

via @elatlboy - 10 years ago we were just barely getting enough facial hair to start shaving, so it’s interesting to learn about how travel has changed in the last decade.



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