#Travel Tag Roundup 2/25: Take A Bath

#Travel Tag Roundup 2/25: Take A Bath


#Travel Tags is a new series on Travel Freak in which we delve into all the posts on Instagram and Twitter marked with the #travel tag and republish our favorite photos and links for your viewing/reading pleasure.

Location: Bath, England
Instagram User: vickyvs

via @MiddleSeatView – We didn’t watch the Oscars because we can’t afford a television, but we have seen the vast majority of these 10 Oscar-winning films about travel.

via @afashionguideto – Usually when we see people with neck pillows and eye masks on planes we assume they enjoy making Skymall purchases, and we lose a little bit of respect for them. However, we’re perfectly fine with these 5 fashionable travel accessories that help make long journeys more bearable.

via @visitportugal – Remember when we said we’re too poor to own a TV? It’s pretty safe to assume we’ll never have enough money to stay in one of these 9 movie star hotels, either.

via @SpotCoolStuff – Oh my sweet baby Jesus, someone front us the money so we can go to Beijing and play in the water park inside the renovated Olympic Water Cube.



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