#Travel Tag Roundup 3/12: Italian Domes & Spanish Wine

#Travel Tag Roundup 3/12: Italian Domes & Spanish Wine


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florence travel tagLocation: Florence, Italy
Instagram User: iszys

via @TheCultureist - If you have the time, be sure to read this amazing breakdown of Spanish wines. If you have even more time, go to the good wine shop in your neighborhood (you know the one) and pick up 6 or 7 bottles of the different varieties to sip on while you read.

via @atasteoftravel - One of my favorite parts of living abroad in Paris was stumbling upon streets I’d never been down before, like rue Montorgueil and its famous food market outside of the monstrosity that is Les Halles. On the same toke, one of my least favorite parts of living abroad in Paris was wandering down streets I’d never been down before and having no f*cking clue where I was going due to the lack of a grid system or numbered streets.

via @wanderlustersuk - It seems like everywhere I look these days I’m seeing something to remind me that I’m a loser for never having been to New Zealand before. After reading this guide to how amazing Auckland is, I feel even worse about that hole in my travelogue. 

via @travelsofadam - Speaking of places I’ve never been, this article on the sights and sounds of Jerusalem has me wondering if pretending to be Jewish to get on a Birthright trip would send me to Hell right away, or if I’d have a few more years to gallivant before being condemned by a higher power for such a self-serving lie. I guess we’ll find out?

via @earthXplorer - Never forget to count a bathroom among your travel essentials, especially when listing your requirements for a successful blogger trip.




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