#Travel Tag Roundup 3/21: Charming Snakes & Clouds

#Travel Tag Roundup 3/21: Charming Snakes & Clouds


#Travel Tags is a new series on Travel Freak in which we delve into all the posts on Instagram and Twitter marked with the #travel tag and republish our favorite photos and links for your viewing/reading pleasure.

bolivia clouds travel tagLocation: Above the clouds between Bolivia & Peru
Instagram User: eliasmoran

via @wanderingtradr - I have a distinct memory of a summer when the basement of my childhood home became infested with harmless (yet icky) garter snakes. I wish I had known one of these snake charmers in Rajasthan, India who could have come over and whistled them back into my backyard. Instead, my dad used a shovel to “eradicate” them, which was a decidedly more bloody.

via @Travelingandtha - Speaking of the house I grew up in, there was a time in my youth when I believed it to be the most beautiful building in my town (we had the biggest yard out of all our neighbors, suck it townies). Then I grew up and saw the amazing architecture of the world, and realized that the suburbs of Michigan were no place to make such declarations of grandeur.

via @Travelogged - Damn, I’m feeling nostalgic today – this roundup of the different kind of pictures families take while on vacation makes me remember all of my childhood trips with my family and sister. We didn’t take many pictures of ourselves because after the first day it always devolved into a verbal family death match, but oh, how pleasant those first days were.

via @Turtlestravel - Okay, enough about my prepubescent life. Nowadays my mind is preoccupied with the idea of moving away from the United States to a happier country, and this list of ten places to move abroad that could extend your lifespan is giving me all kinds of big ideas.

via @WildJunket - And finally, something that I can spin to be about me because I’ve never had an experience quite like it. OH, except that time I was drunk in the Peconic Bay in the Hamptons and accidentally swam with baby phosphorescent jellyfish. But enough about me…



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