#Travel Tag Roundup 3/26: Santorini Architecture

#Travel Tag Roundup 3/26: Santorini Architecture


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santorini travel tag

Location: Santorini, Greece
Instagram User: abfarris6548

via @Vagabond_Film - There was a time when I thought I wanted to go to school for architecture. Then I realized I’m terrible at math and any building constructed under my watch would probably crumble to the ground. Now I take pleasure in simply observing quality architecture, like on these architectural tours of cities around Great Britain

via @travefy - Forget the Bay of Pigs, y’all, because Cuba could be taken off the United States’ list of banned destinations within the next couple of weeks. Summer in Havana, anyone?

via @HIP_Hotels - My mother recently asked me if I would like to go on an African safari with her and my aunt, to which I replied “Of course! If you’re paying.” If she’s willing to foot the bill, I’ll be sure to use this guide to “luxuriously losing yourself on safari” as my inspiration.

via @nearafar - As of now I’m not planning on attending TBEX, mostly because I like to keep my summers open for day drinking and I can’t be sauced at an industry event. However, I do love Toronto, so there’s a chance I could reconsider and book a room in one of these hotels that are all close to the action.

via @indietravel - I’ve only taken a few trips via train within Europe, but it was positively luxurious and I wish I could travel by rail everywhere. Well, I suppose I do take the subway most places in New York… but I’d rather be standing in a club car than in a pile of human excrement.



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