#Travel Tag Roundup 3/7: Treetop Adventures

#Travel Tag Roundup 3/7: Treetop Adventures


#Travel Tags is a new series on Travel Freak in which we delve into all the posts on Instagram and Twitter marked with the #travel tag and republish our favorite photos and links for your viewing/reading pleasure.

Location: Plaza de España, Barcelona
Instagram User: eltreut

via @CoverMore – As a travel blogger who spends most of his time writing about places that he wants to go rather than actually going, the idea of following in this man’s footsteps and taking off on a round the world journey – and sharing it via Instagram photos rather than wordy blog posts – sounds so good it makes me want to cry.

via @Pretraveller – Apparently there are a ton of “treetop adventures” to be had in Australia, because the title of the article “8 Tranquil Australian Treetop Adventures You Haven’t Tried Yet” makes it seem like at some point I should have already tried one. What have I been missing out on. What is hiding in the treetops that I need to see?!

via @StarsTravelTips – The largest of these 10 tiny tourist destinations is only a third the size of Dallas, but each one packs a punch for new visitors. Whoever said that size matters was clearly only talking about penises.

via @NDTravel – Believe it or not, there are still plenty of places around the world where you can actually escape urban life and become completely enveloped by nature. Says the writer from his desk on the seventh floor of a brick-and-mortar building in the middle of a concrete jungle.

via @theplanetd – I just started working on my summer beach body, and it looks like I’d better step up my game if I want to hit all 13 of these beaches to visit in 2013. Something tells me that only prayer and/or a deal with the devil will get me to my goal in time.



  1. Steven, Thanks for including my post on Australian Treetop Adventures in your roundup!

    You ask what is hiding in the treetops that you need to see? From my experience what you get is a rare glimpse into the tops of the trees and a real feeling of serenity. Hopefully you can partake of one of these experiences someday!

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