#Travel Tag Roundup 5/20: Hot in Sydney

#Travel Tag Roundup 5/20: Hot in Sydney


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sydney travel tag instagramLocation: Sydney, Australia
Instagram User: sam_ferr

via @InsideJourneys - Since some genius decided to build New York City in the middle of a swamp, summer in the city is often miserably hot and humid. In preparation for sweaty days to come, I’ll be sure to follow these simple tips for dealing with extreme heat - especially “wear a floppy hat.”

via @Travellersoul76 - On the other side of the meteorological coin, Montreal is one of the coldest places I’ve ever been. Granted, I went in early March after a winter full of record snowfalls, so experiencing the worst of the city was really my own fault. However, as this post describes, there are several amazing things to do in Montreal no matter how many feet of snow are packed on the sidewalks. 

via @insidetravellab - Believe it or not, being burned alive by molten rock is the last thing you need to worry about when sleeping inside a volcano. It’s the sharks you’ve really gotta watch out for.

via @oneworld365 - I’ve heard from several sources that Bali is a heinous locale that should be avoided at all costs, mostly because of the swarms of people who frequent the island. Try to reclaim Bali as a luxury retreat by following this itinerary focused on escaping tourists.

via @traveldudes - I have had some amazing hostel experiences, but for the most part, every one of my hostel stays has been as lowbrow as one would expect. Don’t let me dissuade you from booking a bunk, though, since most of the bad things you hear about hostels are myths.




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