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Travel to Tulum, Mexico like Cameron Diaz


Happy Birthday Cameron Diaz, although, it looks like you’ve already celebrated this year. In March, Cameron Diaz hit Tulum, Mexico with her best gal pals, Drew Barrymore and Reese Witherspoon for an all out relaxing girls retreat. The paparazzi only managed to capture pictures of the celebs splashing around in the water, but we all know they hit the town for some real time Mexican fun. Travel Freak has thrown together yet another celeb itinerary vs. regular person itinerary (aka your itinerary) to remind you of your bank statement in comparison to Cameron Diaz’s!

Getting There

Diaz’s Way: Private Plane

We don’t actually know if Diaz and the rest of the girls took a private plane, but we imagine they could chip in a few dollars and it wouldn’t put a huge dent in their life savings. Champagne and strawberries anyone?

Your Way: American Airlines

Listen: it is lucky enough you get to go to Tulum. You can’t very well expect to board a jet with Cameron and her main ladies (although that would be lovely). American airlines offers some reasonable deals on flights to Mexico. Remember this tip: the best time to book a flight is on a Tuesday morning. There is an airport in Tulum, but it is small and does not receive many international flights. The best way to get there is to fly into Cancun and take a bus to Tulum.

The Stay

Diaz’s Way: Amansala Eco-Chic Resort & Spa

I don’t want to sound petty, but isn’t it so like a celebrity to stay at a resort that is described as “eco-chic”? What does that even mean? Well anyway, rest assured Diaz slept in style. Amansala is a resort perched on paradise in Tulum. Its beachside location makes it the perfect place to host a destination wedding or retreat event in Mexico. We believe Diaz and her posse were there on retreat: enjoying the large, open windowed yoga studio and Mayan clay body massages. Nice life.

Your Way: Rancho Tranquilo

Who needs an “eco-chic” hotel with Mayan clay? Not you. You are down-to-Earth and will be just fine with the adorable and colorful hut style hostel in Tulum called Rancho Tranquilo. Rancho Tranquilo has private cabanas and a beautiful garden with hammocks that are just as relaxing as a spa treatment. And hey, yoga buffs can enjoy their work out on the beach it overlooks!


Diaz’s Way: Spa Retreat

Oh the rich have it good. So good, that taking a vacation can really mean a vacation. No need to see Mayan ruins when you can get around to it next month. Let’s just bathe in their clay instead. I am very fixated on the Mexican mud. Diaz and friends had no use for the adventure life in Mexico, they were too busy relaxing from their grueling schedules.

Your Way: Mayan Ruins

Here at Travel Freak we seriously encourage travelers to relax while on vacation, but more importantly explore. That’s why Diaz’s trip doesn’t truly impress us. While in a city like Tulum, seeing ancient ruins or important sites is highly advisable. The Mayan ruins are close by and some Mayan villages are even still in existence. Tours of both are offered as a way to expose travelers to one of the oldest cultures on Earth. So hey, take one of these tours and Travel Freak already considers you way cooler than Cameron Diaz. Get on the cover of a magazine looking like her in a bathing suit, and we will confirm that you are cooler.


Diaz’s Way: Hartwood Tulum

Travel Freak has no real way of knowing whether or not Diaz actually ate here, but the restaurant seems very celeb friendly. Located off some random dirt road in the middle of the Mexican jungle, with outdoor seats and romantic lighting, it is perfect for margaritas with the girls. Better yet though, Hartwood’s food is all locally produced and the entire restaurant is run on eco friendly standards. I think it is safe to say that sounds very “eco-chic”.

Your Way: La Malquerida

All we have heard here at Travel Freak is positive feedback on this little restaurant in Tulum. It is a coffee bar by day, seafood restaurant by night, but the best part is meals cost between $4 and $13. Now if that is not economical we do not know what is. Good food and better prices, sounds like the way we like to travel.

Tulum, Mexico is not just for celebrities like Cameron Diaz. It is an affordable adventure for all, so long as you do it right!

Are you ready to experience Tulum?


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