Tuesday Travel Tune: Jay-Z – “Big Pimpin'”

Tuesday Travel Tune: Jay-Z – “Big Pimpin'”


It’s Jay-Z‘s birthday today, so it only makes sense for us to celebrate Mr. Beyonce in our choice of Tuesday Travel Tune. We thought about giving in to the cliche and featuring “Empire State of Mind” or swinging “99 Problems” to be about frustrations one faces in the airport, but then we remembered the year 2000 and a little gem known as “Big Pimpin'” and it couldn’t not be done.

The song may not be about travel, and some of you may be offended by some of its more crass lyrics, but you can’t say that you’ve never had a luxurious moment while on the road when the chorus popped into your head. There’s no point in fighting it – the song was basically ingrained in the subconscious of every American who watched TRL around the turn of the Millennium. Live it. Love it. Own it.

If, by chance, you haven’t had a “Big Pimpin'” experience in your travels, allow us to list some examples of occasions in which playing the song (in your head or otherwise) is completely appropriate:

  • You have the whole row to yourself on a long flight
  • You find $10 under the driver’s seat of your rental car
  • You notice that your hotel has a pool with a swim-up bar
  • You are on a yacht and someone left a bottle of Cristal unattended:

[youtube id=”Cgoqrgc_0cM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

So the next time you RI-I-I-I-I-IDE out of a foreign club and get mistaken for a celebrity by a drunk girl, remember to stroll away to the tune of “Big Pimpin'”. We promise it will make the experience exponentially better.




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