VDay Treat: Giveaway with Epiphany Chocolates

VDay Treat: Giveaway with Epiphany Chocolates


If you’ve been following us for a while, you probably know that we don’t revere Valentine’s Day with the same blind romanticism as most others – after all, our most romantic VDay on the road involved getting a bong dropped on our head in Amsterdam. But thanks to the high-end chocolatiers at Epiphany Chocolates, we’ve started to whistle another tune (which is really hard when your mouth is stuffed with confections).

Our love affair with the brand began when we returned from our trip to Peru and Chile to find a box of their Some Like It Hot Valentine’s Day collection waiting in our office. Throwing cares about our post-vacation weight loss to the wind, we immediately started eating the sweet and spicy treats before we even booted up our computers – and damn it, they were the best chocolates we’ve ever eaten at 9 am on a Thursday.

We’d hate to come off like candy hoarders during Valentine’s Day (the second most important chocolate holiday behind Halloween, obviously) so we’re teaming up with Epiphany to give away a box of their sinfully delicious Some Like It Hot collection!

Among a selection of their classic chocolates, this special collection contains three limited edition flavors to help spice up your Valentine’s Day:

Cinnamon Caramel

Put on your most luscious red lipstick and take a bite. Creamy caramel infused with cinnamon and covered in red hot milk chocolate is almost too hot to handle.  St. Valentine may just work his magic with this little dream date aphrodisiac. How can you go wrong when it tastes so right? Mwah!

Jalapeno Fudge

Will you be my Valentine? Si si si! This jalapeno fudge is covered in milk chocolate and adorned with peanuts. This snappy surprise will take your romantic night up a notch. Light the candles, slip into some heels and ditch the slow dance for the tantalizing tango. Ole!

Smoky Hot Pepper Fudge

What’s sexier than smoldering smoky eyes? Smoky red hot pepper and creamy fudge paired together at last. It maybe lust at first sight. This fiery fudge center is covered first in dark chocolate, then dipped a second time in milk chocolate and smoked almonds. Watch out: This tempting treat may just set off some fire alarms. Firemen, please? Caliente!

Our favorite was the Red Hots-topped Sinfully Cinnamon, judging by how quickly they were hoovered out of the box before the other flavors. Even more enticing: each signature keepsake box is wrapped in Valentine’s Day Mad Lib paper that you can fill out while enjoying your chocolates! We filled it out alone because we’re painfully single, but hopefully the lucky winner will have someone special to play with.

You might be wondering why a travel site is doing a promotion with a company that sells chocolates. One quick look into the back story of Epiphany Chocolates, however, and you’ll realize it’s the perfect fit.  Inspired by travel, Epiphany’s limited edition collection flavors (like the three spicy additions to the Some Like It Hot box) are influenced by the Epiphany team’s experiences around the world. Globetrotting “Chocolate Correspondent” Sophie explores how chocolate is utilized throughout the globe while meeting inspiring people, discovering unique venues and embarking on endless new adventures. Not a bad job, right?

Epiphany Chocolates is also offering a 25% site-wide discount until Feb. 14, so if you reap the spoils in our giveaway you can keep your winnings and buy something sweet for your partner as well. Or, if you don’t come out on top in the promotion, you can drown your sorrows in the bottom of a discounted box of your very own. All you have to do is enter the promo code HEART25 at checkout and you’ll be stuffing your face (or the face of a loved one) in no time.

There are lots of ways to get points in this raffle, some you can even earn more than once. The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day, so enter now and good luck!

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