Postcard Playlist: Vibes to Escape the Polar Vortex

Postcard Playlist: Vibes to Escape the Polar Vortex [Wish You Were Hear Wednesday]


Unfortunately Polar Vortex isn’t some new indie band with an EP getting hyped by Pitchfork, instead it is some scientific term for why the United States have been plunged into arctic tundra temperatures. Well, everywhere but Southern California. Yeah, I am side-eyeing you, San Diego. Cool off a little, would you?

I don’t know about you, but I am getting a little tired of wearing tights under my leggings under my jeans and mittens to bed. With windchill making New York City feel like a scorching -16 degrees, all of my dreams include sun and heat. Winter’s cold is just too much to handle. Sadly, aside from copious amounts of coffee (consumed very quickly) there isn’t a way to truly warm up in this weather. Although, I do have to say, listening to songs about warm places certainly does help.

So hit play on this playlist of songs from warm places, about warm places, or just have warm vibes to them. Songs that will help melt the ice a little bit. Songs that will get you dancing to help promote better blood flow. Songs that will remind you about the good parts of summer. Whether you are California dreaming, or just trying to warm up your toes with a quick dance session, this playlist has everything you need.

Until then, we wish you were here, warm weather.

Stay warm.

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