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Video: Best National Parks to Visit in Winter


If the thought of entering a sprawling, nationally regulated landscape in the dead of winter for a day of family activities makes you want to gouge your eyes out with two jagged pine cones, you aren’t alone. We’ve discussed before how much we despise snow and all the things that come with it (cold hands, damp socks, etc.) so we’re not big fans of visiting national parks in the winter either.

However, the team at Away.com has compiled a list of the three best national parks to visit in winter in hopes of converting us nonbelievers. Despite the glacially slow pace at which the host of this video talks, we could see ourselves getting conned into a day trip into the wilderness in one of these locations.

They did, unfortunately, include a park in Alberta, Canada on the list, which makes us distrustful of their intentions. But the high temps at the other two destinations could melt all the snow in Canada, so we’ll take solace in their oppressive sunshine.

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