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Where In The World Is Alexa Vega?

      • How do you get over 176,000 Twitter followers? Well, if you’re former child star Alexa Vega, you get in the habit of making sure that everyone knows you’re all grown up. Alexa caused a commotion when the former Spy Kids kid posted some hot pics of herself from the upcoming trashy epic Machete Kills! Now she’s making the papers again thanks to this Alexa posting an Instagram of her taking a dive in Maui. Subscribe to her Twitter feed, too. She lets you know how her Bible Study is going.
      • We usually think of Cancun as the place where people go to party down and get really drunk on a Mexican vacation. There must be a separate Cancun for movie stars and models, since Miranda Kerr and her hubby Orlando Bloom are hanging out there–along with their son Flynn. Hey, maybe they’ll go to the TGI Friday’s!
      • Alicia Keyes helped to brighten Madrid, Spain in a very classy outfit while attending the country’s 40 Princiepales award ceremony. Taylor Swift was also there, but she wore a pretty trashy outfit with a plunging neckline because it was almost Friday and she still didn’t have a new boyfriend for the weekend.
      • The new movie Parker had its big debut in Las Vegas, and Jennifer Lopez showed up in a tasteful gown that—well, yeah, you got us. She was really wearing something that looked like she was about to go into the garage for a paint job, and somebody had a fancy idea for her racing stripes. Ogle the outfit here, or just enjoy the video… 



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