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Where in the World is Alexander Ludwig?


[image via Just Jared]

Today’s Celebescapes roundup is dedicated to the hunky man-bros roaming the globe this week – try to keep your pants on, you filthy animals.

  • Alexander Ludwig, who you probably only know for his small-yet-crucial role in The Hunger Games, showed off his hulking pecs on the beach in Hawaii recently. He also went surfing with a paddle, which kind of detracts from his hotness.
  • Eternally attractive George Clooney treated himself to a glass of whiskey at the Fountainebleu in Miami while other patrons feasted their eyes on George’s olive skin.
  • Mark Wahlberg, who has somehow remained a sex symbol despite halting his pants-dropping shtick in the mid-9os, did some promotional work for his new film Broken City in Atlanta.
  • Meanwhile, Tom Cruise will gain honorary citizenship in Busan, South Korea when he stops there tomorrow on the press tour for Jack Reacher. Hopefully he decides to move there full-time and stop acting.



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