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Where in the World is Cate Blanchett?


[image via Just Jared]

  • Cate Blanchett – who some would call the only actress of quality to hail from Australia in, well, history – made an appearance at the Dubai International Film Festival today.
  • Matthew Morrison apparently plays a teacher on Glee, but since that show is the worst thing on television and we avoid it like the plague, we’ll have to take your word for that. Anyway, he showed up in Park City, Utah recently to go skiing.
  • Gerard Butler arrived in Oslo, Norway yesterday. What’s the actor doing in such an off-the-beaten-path destination? Joining Sarah Jessica Parker to host the Nobel Peace Prize Concert tomorrow night, of course! Join us in letting out a long “WTF?!”
  • And because everyone who’s anyone simply must be seen at Art Basel in Miami, clearly Beyonce was there.



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