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Where In The World Is Justin Bieber?

  • Justin Bieber was recently in Miami for a meet ‘n greet, and it looks like our lil’ pop star is all grown up. Why, he’s even groping his fans like a big bad metalhead. At least, it sure looks like Justin is groping a fan. The investigative reporters at E! Online, however, insist that it’s just an innocent misunderstanding and that you all have a really dirty mind. Seriously, we don’t know what’s wrong with you.  [image via bieberfever]
  • You know that it’s been really bad weather in New York City lately, and that’s probably why Lindsay Lohan got really, really sick and wasn’t able to fly back out to Los Angeles for a court appearance tomorrow to address how her probation was revoked for allegedly lying to the cops. And that mean old judge can just ignore these pictures of Lindsay going shopping today in NYC and looking perfectly healthy. We have the exact same thing she does, which is why we’re taking off work and going shopping tomorrow.
  • Who was that strange man paying for a total stranger’s dinner in Berlin? Why, it was the ever-considerate George Clooney, who was concerned that his dinner party had gotten too loud and disturbed the man at the next table. We once went to a George Clooney movie and ended up sitting behind Star Jones. Somebody should’ve covered the price of that ticket for us.
  • We don’t know if Camila Alves is in New Orleans–presumably with hubby Matthew McConaughey–for the Super Bowl. We just know that the model was looking good on her 31st birthday this past Sunday while strolling in the city. But she’s a model, and they’re supposed to look good on their 31st birthdays. Good thing we won’t have that kind of pressure on us.



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