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Why Not: Abu Dhabi Airport Debuts World’s First Sleep Pods


Abu Dhabi International Airport: ‘GoSleep’ Sleeping Pods

For most of us, taking naps at the airport is far from luxurious. Sure, an empty row of chairs in a terminal can feel like a California King compared to the alternative of curling up underneath a payphone (been there, done that), but the constant risk of having your carry-on stolen outweighs any benefit of sleeping off the ground.

If you’re ever so lucky to pass through the Abu Dhabi International Airport, however, you’ll feel much more encouraged to catch some Z’s before boarding your flight. The powers that be at the second largest airport in the United Arab Emirates just installed futuristic sleep pods inside one of the terminals, and for just(?) $12.25 per hour of snooze you can rest in one of these special enclosed beds that have been designed to block out noise and light.

Like every other weird invention these days, the GoSleep chambers hail from Finland. And while the idea of “micro-hotels” has been around for a while (we’re looking at you, Japan), this is the first instance of a personal sleeping apparatus directly in an airport terminal. The buzz around the revolutionary product was even great enough for the Abu Dhabi International Airport to preemptively order 35 more GoSleep pods to install later this year, complete with upgrades like internet access, secure storage valuables, and power ports to charge mobile devices.

You’re looking at the layover nap of the future, ladies and gents. But here’s the question: would you pay a fee to rest comfortably in an airport, or is the freestyle floor nap still more your speed?





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