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Video: Top 5 Worst Skymall Gifts


Skymall catalogs are a constant source of in-flight entertainment, whether you’re actually shopping for useless doodads or just making fun of the people who are. We’ve seen some pretty interesting Skymall offerings in our time as globetrotters (a DNA test to find out who your dog’s parents are rings a bell), but our experience is nothing compared to that of Ron – the “flight attendant” in the video below reviewing the worst Skymall gifts you can buy this holiday season.

From a shirt that gives the morbidly obese a false sense of security to a $300 alarm clock perfectly suited for the voyeur/serial killer in your life, these five terrible Skymall items will make you feel a thousand times better about the ugly sweater or gift certificate to Home Depot your weird cousin got you this Christmas.

Have your own list of the worst Skymall items you’ve seen? Let us know in the comments!



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