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WTF Wednesday: The Weirdness That Makes Travel Fun!


It’s a simple truth that people love weird stuff, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the feedback we’ve received on our WTF travel photo galleries. What started off as a fun way to commemorate the 124th anniversary of the first Kodak camera has become something of a regular series on Travel Freak, so we’ve decided to make it official with WTF Wednesday – a midweek post devoted to all the funny travel pictures from around the world that we’ve gathered on the web. Consider it a hump day treat.


Why do we travel?

To see things that people tell us never happen

 To enjoy pandas in their natural habitat

To see how the other half lives

To enjoy goats in their natural habitat

Not to pick up hitchhikers

To teach us that we need to buy luggage that stands out a little more

Do you have any hilarious WTF travel pictures you’d like to share with us? Tweet @FreakOutOfTown your pic with funny caption, and maybe you’ll be featured next week!



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