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Grand Canyon

Best Places to Stay Near Grand Canyon National Park

…earn all about the history of Route 66 at the Route 66 Museum; trace local Arizona history at the Mohave Museum of History and Arts, and go back to your childhood with a visit to Locomotive Park. *** The Grand Canyon is a breathtaking marvel of nature and a must-see on a visit to Arizona or the neighboring states of Utah and Nevada. There is a wealth of comfortable accommodation in or around the Grand Canyon National Park that offers a great base…

19 Best Adventure Vacations in the USA

19 Best Adventure Vacations in the USA

…: Where to Stay in Yellowstone National Park Let’s Go 6. The Grand Canyon, Arizona Is there anywhere more iconic in the US than the Grand Canyon? Photos simply do not do the Canyon justice—you need to see it in the flesh to appreciate just how insanely expansive it is. Most people will walk the well-trodden routes that carve through the Canyon. The Bright Angel Trail is a favorite thanks to its scenic views. It winds 9.3 miles along paths that hug…

Airbnb vs. Hotels: Which One is Better (and Cheaper)?

Airbnb vs. Hotels: Which One is Better (and Cheaper)?

…r example, let’s search for two properties for a single person in Phoenix, Arizona, in the City Centre: a listing on Airbnb, and a listing on On Airbnb, you can find a full private casita for less than $100/night. (Pro tip: you can search for more Airbnbs via the map view.) When you search within the same price range on, the closest similar space is a room at the Super 8 starting from $75. The Hampton is a close second at…

Outdoorsy vs RVezy

Outdoorsy vs. RVezy: Which One Should You Choose?

…ews south of the border. While popular locations like California, Florida, Arizona, and Texas have pretty decent selection of RVs, northern states are still pretty thin.  Despite their great roadside product, this important add-on can get pricey. We really wished they had basic roadside included in their pricing like Outdoorsy. When it comes to owner reviews, we noticed some mentions of lower demand compared to Outdoorsy and people asking why ther…

My 6 Most Inspiring Moments from the Road

My 6 Most Inspiring Moments From the Road

…ard conditions. Hiking through the Energy Vortexes at Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona, where my sister was inexplicably “pulled” off the trail and up the side of the mountain thanks to the draw of nature. Those experiences were, no doubt, incredible, but the following six are the life-changing moments that stand out to me the most. 1. Climbing to the Top of Kuang Si Falls in Luang Prabang, Laos The stunning Kuang Si Falls in Luang Prabang, Laos I met…

12 Best Campervan Rental Companies for Your US Road Trip

12 Best Campervan Rental Companies for Your US Road Trip

…have a wide range of availability for their RVs. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, their vans are custom-built to rent in over 132 locations in the US and Canada. Since Cruise America is one of the leading RV rental companies, it can afford to offer a better price than most of its competitors. The company also has promotions at certain times of the year as well as special offers if you book early. Cruise America offers free insurance, along with…

National Park Road Trip

28 Best National Park Road Trips in the US

…Grand Canyon are all located close together in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. They’re naturally a great option for your national park road trip. Some of these parks can be visited in a day, but for some of them, you’ll need at least three days to explore all the natural wonders they offer. If you plan to check out all the national parks at once, I’d recommend at least one to two weeks to fully experience them on a Utah road trip. Otherwise,…

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